I love this Bey Blade.

It is super powerful.


s tory t i me

Part 4….

Teddie needed  to land on the ground. His friends were really nervous. He landed right in front of the mansion. His friends got $5000 each. They all said you are the best. He said “Yes, I am”. They noticed that had to get to the school in one minute. He ordered a speed machine. He made everyone run so fast, even faster than the speed of light. Bang! They were there. “Yes finally we are here” they said.

There was an explosion bombing the school. The big trash badie was dropping big trash cans from the sky. “I am going to order a massive bomb destroyer gun to get the big trash can bomber out the sky”.  Teddie turned and said to his friends”We need a big trampoline so that Mr. Trash Can will go flying into space”. Boing!  “He is gone, we did it, we saved that school from the dirty Mr. Trash Can”.

….To be continued… that’s right…AGAIN!

story time part 3

part 3…

teddie wonted a rocket.

“Guys let’s make a rocket.”

“mhh. maybe. yes yes-yes-yes-yes-yes. lets do this. cool but how will we make it??????????????”

“Easy I order it on ebay $1000000000 dollars ok whoosh you know it.”

“I’m going in me 2 me 3 me 4.”

[an hour later]

“me 47 we are done. me 48…






“just go!!! woe wow a UFO take a photo click done. oh I need 1 I made 1000000 photos.”

to be continued…


story time part 2

Part 2….

The roof was made out of dollar bills.  Teddie’s friends came to school and they ordered Dominoes for the whole class using roof dollar bills.  Teddie bought everyone tickets to go on his awesome theme park. Everyone in his class became friends with him. They had a play around on the new playground people laughed and cheered and played tips. Tip, tip, tip …The teacher even played and was “it” for the whole of lunch. Teddie had his own transport like trains and trams around the school. No walking here! In his house he was doing some running training his friends came and trained with him because he had 50 treadmills.

To be continued…again…

story time part 1

Once upon a time a rich boy called Teddie built a gigantic mansion made out of gold. I was boiling but I was rich. I bought an iPhone X to order a fan. It came in seconds. Now I was thirsty. I needed a ladder to climb into my window. Bing! It appeared. I can get my water from the bathroom. Now just a roof to build!

To be continued….