s tory t i me

Part 4….

Teddie needed  to land on the ground. His friends were really nervous. He landed right in front of the mansion. His friends got $5000 each. They all said you are the best. He said “Yes, I am”. They noticed that had to get to the school in one minute. He ordered a speed machine. He made everyone run so fast, even faster than the speed of light. Bang! They were there. “Yes finally we are here” they said.

There was an explosion bombing the school. The big trash badie was dropping big trash cans from the sky. “I am going to order a massive bomb destroyer gun to get the big trash can bomber out the sky”.  Teddie turned and said to his friends”We need a big trampoline so that Mr. Trash Can will go flying into space”. Boing!  “He is gone, we did it, we saved that school from the dirty Mr. Trash Can”.

….To be continued… that’s right…AGAIN!